Yunus at Pre-Announcement Of Nobel Peace Laureates World Summit

Atlanta has been awarded the Host City status for the 2015 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. Promoting Global Peace and Engaging Youth will be the focus of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates - Atlanta 2015 and the pre-announcement Ceremony for the Summit held at the Woodruff Arts Center at 11:30 AM on November 22, 2013.

A host of international leaders and celebrities were on hand for the "pre-announcement ceremony"— a prestigious event that will bring the international superstars in Atlanta from Nov. 15 to 19, 2015.

Mayor Kasim Reed accompanied Professor Muhammad Yunus in announcing that Atlanta will host the World Summit in 2015. Prevalent public figures such as former President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner, and Ambassador Andrew Young gave words of excitement and anticipation for the coming event.

"Atlanta deserves to be the host city for the Nobel Laureates for many reasons," Professor Yunus said in his speech on Friday mentioning the city's history in civil and human rights. "Atlanta has a great tradition of fighting for human rights."

Professor Yunus also praised Ted Turner, who will serve as the honorary chair of the summit, for championing the elimination of nuclear warheads.

"This city deserves to remind the world that peace has to be accomplished, not by governments, but by people," said Professor Yunus, who also acknowledged that Turner was celebrating his 75th birthday this week. "Atlanta deserves for this to not be a temporary event but a permanent event to remind the world of a peaceful world with human rights. That's the objective, that's the goal that this summit will have."

Turner said Atlanta's hosting of the 2015 Summit was "another feather in our cap," saying it was a natural succession to the city's hosting of the World Series and the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

In its fifteenth year, the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates will feature over 2,000 global leaders from all around the globe and over 25,000 students to engage in discussions and activities to promote global peace.

This summit is one of the most important global events organized each year in different cities across the globe to promote democratic values and the significance of freedom and peace. The Summit covers three days of debates and meetings to discuss the challenges of global civilization and actions supporting democracy and world peace. The sessions cover civil rights, human rights, global health, women's empowerment, youth, education, nuclear disarmament, water/ sustainability, poverty, economic prosperity, and global peace.

The organizers of the 2015 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates are: Yunus Creative Lab, Inc., The Permanent Secretariat of Nobel Peace Laureates Summits, and The City of Atlanta. In fact, it was Yunus who first proposed that Atlanta host the summit of Nobel Peace Laureates at the 2012 Summit in Chicago.

The 2015 Summit is timely because it will follow the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Martin Luther King's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and the opening of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

The 2015 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Atlanta could become the largest and most important event of global importance for the city since the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. The Summit is not just to celebrate the presence of the Nobel Peace Laureates, but to focus on global as well as local issues relevant to each and every segment of our diverse community.

A highlight of the event was the vocal performance by Monica Yunus ,the daughter of Muhammad Yunus who is co-founding director of Sing for Hope.

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